• Inhibit the newly formed acne, eliminate inflammation, unclog hair follicles
  • Treatment of acne, hidden acne, bran acne, oily skin, enlarged pores. Oil control in the T-zone
  • Treating the root, prevent the re-growth of acne and help the skin recover quickly without leaving bruises.
  • Not cause allergic reactions, dryness, peeling skin discomfort
  • Tighten pores and brighten skin deeply from the inside

Dr Hair Clinic Conditioner from RON INTERNATIONAL is currently very popular, because they work very well to help you have a shiny, healthy hair from the inside. Besides, it provides and balances moisture, nutrients for scalp without spending a lot of time or expense like salon

Dr Hair Clinic Power - the most popular and favorite product of RON INTERNATIONAL customers. Products bring a thick, strong and shiny hair.

Having beautiful and healthy hair is not easy. Current shampoos vary in their scents and uses, but not enough to nourish really healthy hair. Therefore, RON INTERNATIONAL has launched Dr Hair Clinic Shampoo - an effective hair shampoo that helps you to have beautiful, radiant and healthy hair.

  • Natural white skin 
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Against aging
  • Moisturize the skin

  • Stem cells extracted from small fruits, ginseng, lotus and green tea bring deep moisturizing effect, nourish and regenerate skin cells
  • Active ingredients for whitening skin naturally help bright, smooth white skin, giving a youthful glow
  • Skin care from deep inside helps eliminate acne, melasma, freckles problems

  • Help skin soft, firm, youthful
  • Improve and prevent wrinkles
  • Moisturize the skin, help it not to dry, flaky, chapped
  • Increase strength to resist, avoid dark skin, sunburn

  • Help the skin stay healthy, promoting skin rejuvenation. Contribute to the problem of aging skin due to age
  • Restore skin imperfections, balance hemoglobin and helps skin tone
  • Restore and regenerate damaged cells, increase the production of white melanin pigment
  • Support muscle lifting, help skin become firmer and reduce looseness in the texture of the skin