• Help to clear acne, dark spots, freckles, wrinkles most effectively
  • Inhibiting and slowing down the aging process¬†
  • Improve skin pigmentation, help to bring a radiant pink and white skin
  • Eliminate dark pigmentation, wrinkle removal, melasma, freckles effectively
  • Slow down the aging process, holding the youth
  • Antioxidant, neutralize free radicals, enhance the body's immunity

Health Care

Laga Plus

  • Anti-oxidant, enhance liver function in cases of viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver
  • Protect the liver detoxifying function, reduce liver damage caused by alcohol, chemicals
  • Support the treatment of liver diseases, maintaining the operation of the liver effectively

  • Wash away contaminants and bacteria on hands after a period of contact with utensils and objects in public places
  • Outstanding bactericidal ability, completely eliminating bacteria and viruses remaining on the skin
  • Convenient, easy to use, have a pleasant fragrance, suitable for all skin types

  • Contain silver Nano crystals that help eliminate bacteria in the oral cavity
  • Clean deeply at the interdental position that normal brushing cannot handle
  • Keep teeth and gums strong, prevent and treat bad breath, root bleeding, mouth sores
  • Against bad breath, keep the breath fresh and lasting