Derma roller for the youthful and smooth skin

Derma rolling method used in beauty is not strange to women. However, not everyone really understands how derma roller works and what kind of products should it combine? RON INTERNATIONAL will help you better understand this beauty method through the article below.

What is derma roller?

Derma roller is a method of creating fake lesions from super tiny and sharp Dermarollers on the skin’s surface. This damage stimulates and promotes collagen production, at the same time increasing the ability to absorb nutrients on the skin.

Derma roller is a modern beauty method
Derma roller is a modern beauty method

The studies show that, in general, the amount of actually absorbed nutrients on the skin is quite low. The derma rolling process will help nutrients penetrate deep into the skin surface to effectively regenerate and nourish the skin cells. The derma rolling method produces temporary damage, but does not affect the skin’s texture and health. This also does not break up blood vessel structures in the skin.

How does derma roller work?

After dermarolling, nutrients go deep into the mesoderm and nourish your skin cells. This method also helps the epidermis to be strongly regenerated, increasing collagen production, at the same time, be very effective for the treatment of concave scars and pitted scars. In addition, it regenerates skin cells to bring the smooth and rejuvenated skin with faded wrinkles. This method also helps to lift facial muscles, treat bruises and shrink pores significantly.

The effect of derma roller in beauty field
The effect of derma roller in beauty field

Some benefits of the derma rolling method in beauty field can be referred as:

Derma rollers effectively treat acne

This method will stimulate the acne under the skin to rise, hidden acne and blackheads are removed quickly. The types of pustules, inflammatory acne need basic treatment then use the derma rolling method to treat acne. These types of acne can all cause severe skin inflammation unless handled properly. Therefore, derma roller for this skin type should be careful.

Derma rollers quickly treat pitting scars

Pitted scars are also known as hole scars. These scars are caused by inflammatory acne, chickenpox, allergies… These lesions are deep under the skin, causing our face dull, less charming.

Derma rollers quickly treat pitting scars

The derma rolling method will help to effectively overcome the pitting scar in the short time. The derma roller will stimulate the collagen, elastin production, help scars regenerate and fill scarred areas.

Derma rollers treat melasma

Melasma is often difficult to treat, using normal remedies that do not bring the desired results. However, if you use the derma rolling method, it really works. The needles will go under the skin to help break down the melanin pigments and eliminate them from the body. Besides, more collagen production helps to improve the skin to become more even and effectively remove melasma.

Do the derma rollers hurt?

The derma roller is a beauty treatment based on the impact of skin invasion. Therefore, it will definitely leave pain. However, the pain depends on the pain threshold of each person. When acting on the skin below the threshold, you will not feel too painful. Conversely, if the impact exceeds the pain threshold, you will feel more pain.

Do the derma rollers hurt?

In addition to the pain threshold, are the other factors that directly affect the derma rolling process painful?

  • Purpose of treatment: with pitting scars treatment, the longer needle tip is needed. The force exerted on the skin is stronger, so the pain level will also be higher than the process of derma rolling to tighten pores.
  • Derma Roller Area: Usually in thicker skin areas, pain is less likely than those in sensitive skin areas such as the cheeks or eyes. The chin area is less painful than the lips.

For the safety and guarantee, you should choose the reputable dermatology clinics, spas for the derma roller treatment that best suits the skin. How much does the derma roller cost? This is a question that is also interesting to many people. However, to know the exact derma rolling price, you need to directly contact the beauty salon for detailed information.

Stem cell derma rolling methods are widely used

The stem cell derma rolling method is a combination of the stem cell and needle rolling method. Thanks to the fake injury caused by rolling, stem cells will easily penetrate deep into the skin and maximize their use. This method is effective in healing skin, which is loved and selected by many people.

Currently, there are 2 popular stem cell derma rolling methods:

Stem cell derma roller at home\

Derma rolling method in beauty field
Derma rolling method in beauty field

Stem cell derma rollers at home are a method that users self buy their own rolling needles, stem cell products to do at home. With this method, you are free to choose rolling needles and stem cells.

You can proactively do it when you have time, ensuring your privacy, maximum saving of travel time. However, if you are not familiar with the derma roller process, you will fail with the stem cell derma roller.

In addition, the inadequate tooling for derma rolling is also a limitation of this method. It may cause unpredictable damage to the skin. So, if you do not really understand the needle roller, you should go to reputable beauty salons to do it.

Derma roller at reputable beauty salons

The next way, you can apply the derma rolling method at reputable beauty salons. You will be ensured with the standard, professional derma rolling process with a team of highly skilled staff. The medical tools and procedures are ensured to be safe for the skin. Your doctor will advise you to choose the right stem cell derma rolling method.

However, when you apply this method in beauty salons, hospitals, the cost will be more expensive than doing it at home. Note one more, you should choose reputable beauty addresses to help bring the best derma rolling effect.

Skin care after derma rolling 

After derma rolling, you take care of your skin properly. Do not expose skin to water for 72 hours since derma roller application. Only wash with 0.9% NaCl physiological salt. Keep a balanced diet, avoid staying up late. Do not use foods such as eggs, chicken, glutinous food, bream… Besides, it is necessary to use specialized skin care products for skin after rolling.

Products used in the rolling process of RON INTERNATIONAL
Products used in the rolling process of RON INTERNATIONAL

You can refer to the RON INTERNATIONAL’s product set used in and after the derma roller, including:

Here are RON INTERNATIONAL‘s answers about skin regeneration by derma roller. Hopefully, these sharings will help you be more confident in choosing beauty solutions for your skin.

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