How to apply a face mask for the best result

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How to apply the face mask properly? Have you ever wondered if you use the face mask properly? Face masks are one of the indispensable beauty and skincare products. Not only does it help nourish and moisturize the skin, but also help solve some skin problems.

So, how to apply face masks properly? How to maximize all the benefits of the mask? Join RON INTERNATIONAL to find out the answers through the sharing below.

Categories of the nowaday skincare mask

Currently, there are many different types of face mask on the market. Distinguishing types of masks will help us be able to use them properly. Then, we can achieve the best effects in our skincare. Typically, there are five popular types of face masks as followings:

Sheet Masks

The sheet mask is also known as a kind of paper mask. Currently it is the most popular skincare product. This type of face mask is made of paper, non-woven cotton. They are designed and cut to fully cover the face.

How to apply the sheet masks properly
How to apply the sheet masks properly

Usually sheet masks are soaked in the nutrient gel or liquid lotion. The main usage of this mask is to moisturize and keep the skin smooth and plump.

It is quite simple to apply the sheet mask. We can apply it daily. Do not apply the sheet masks for more than 20 minutes or overnight. The reverse osmosis can happen and nutrients can be sucked back out of the skin into the mask.

Sleeping masks

This is the face mask that can be applied overnight without being rinsed off with water. Most sleeping masks are gel-based and fast-absorbing. Sleeping masks provide us with an extra dose of hydration and moisturization.

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Sleeping masks are known as an excellent moisturizing mask. After waking up, you can feel the benefits of this mask. Your skin will be full of vitality.

Sleeping masks also have a number of special benefits. We can select the masks depending on our purposes. Such as: whitening masks, anti-aging masks, revitalizing masks, or sleeping masks for skin detox, calming the skin after allergies… However, you should apply the mask only 2-3 times a week.

Wash-off masks

This kind of mask is opposite to the sleeping mask. It means we need to rinse off with water after using and the mask cannot be applied overnight. This type is usually transparent with the cooling and refreshing feeling when applying.

How to apply face mask properly
How to apply face mask properly

The wash-off masks are highly preferred for oily skin. Many beauty bloggers choose to apply this kind of mask before wearing makeup. Wash-off masks help cleanse, moisturize and control the excess oil. It also works to set the makeup layer, reduce the symptoms of redness and itching…

Peel-Off Masks

This mask is able to exfoliate the dead skin cells. It helps remove dirt and blackheads or yellow hairs on the face. It also helps clear and soothe the skin as well as unclog the pores.

It is quite simple to apply the peel-off masks. Just apply a thin layer of mask, wait for drying, then peel and rinse off with water. However, this type of mask is not recommended for the sensitive skin, acne-prone skin or damaged skin. Because it can worsen the damaged areas.

Peel-off masks
Peel-off masks

After using the peel-off mask, you should apply the toner and moisturizer for the best skincare effect.

Clay Masks

Clay masks are favorite masks for those with oily or acne-prone skin. This kind of mask is made up of clay which has the potential in skin detox and moisturization. Especially for oily skin, clay masks are extremely effective in controlling sebum, cleansing skin and tightening pores.

Clay masks should only be applied 1-2 times

a week. You should not leave the clay mask dry out on your skin. The reverse osmosis can happen and nutrients can be sucked back out of the skin into the mask.

Steps to apply face mask properly

Steps to apply face masks properly:

Step 1. Cleansing

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Make sure that your skin is clean and clear to help the nutrients completely absorb into the skin.

Step 2. Choosing a suitable face mask

This is to make sure that your skin will not get irritated. It is important to carefully check if the face mask is suitable for your skin.

You can test on the hand skin before applying to the face.

Step 3. Applying the mask properly

When applying the face mask, pay attention to start from the bottom of the face. Form the mask with your face shape, avoid the eye and mouth area.

When the mask is setting evenly, you need to massage the face to increase the skincare effect.

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Step 4. The laying time

The ideal laying time should be about 15 to 20 minutes.

You should not leave the mask on for too long. It can make the skin dry and dehydrated. You should follow the instructed laying time of the mask.

Step 5. Removing the mask

After removing the face mask, rinse off with warm water. Use a cold towel to clean the face. It will help tighten the pores.

You can combine with other appropriate skincare products.

Skincare with RON INTERNATIONAL’s Masks

We would like to introduce to you the two most favorite face masks from RON INTERNATIONAL. These are kinds of natural-extract cream masks which are effective in skincare and non-irritating at all.

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The usage of BeFace 24k Gold Stem Cell mask and Dr.Beface stem cell mask is quite easy. You only need to follow the above mentioned tips. Spend just a little time everyday for a fresh, smooth and bright skin.

Properly applying a mask will help replenish nutrients, make the skin smooth and improve skin problems. Remember to apply the face masks regularly for a healthy and radiant skin!

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