What do stem cells do? Do stem cells work for skin care?

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Stem cell-based skin care products are one of the hottest trends right now. Thanks to skin care effects, the product has won the trust of many customers. So, what do stem cells work? How effective are stem cell products used for skin care? Let’s find out the answers with RON INTERNATIONAL through the sharing below.

Sharing about stem cells

You have surely heard a lot about the names of stem cells as well as stem cell products… However, many people do not really understand the concept of stem cells, what do stem cells do? The following sharing from RON INTERNATIONAL will help you answer these questions.

What are stem cells?

Cells help maintain the daily life of the human body such as heartbeat, brain thinking, kidney filter… are called stem cells. These cells are responsible for developing into many different types of cells in the body. They are considered to be the new cell suppliers to the body, replacing dead old cells.

What are stem cells?
What are stem cells?

When the body is injured, or sick, some body’s cells will be damaged or even die. At this point, the body needs the functioning of stem cells. Stem cells are responsible for repairing or replacing damaged cells. Therefore, stem cells play an extremely important role for the human body.

How do stem cells work in the beauty field?

Applying stem cell technology in cosmetics and skin care is voted one of the safest and most benign methods available today. Therefore, many women choose this beauty solution. This is considered to be a way to care for and nurture skin healthy from the deep inside.

Stem cells, if taken from the human body, or nearly compatible 100% with human skin, will bring benefits that you cannot expect. Experts have shown that skin care therapy using stem cells helps rejuvenate the skin, at the same time, helps increase collagen production, improves pitting scars, wrinkles, and leaves skin brighter.

What do stem cells do?
What do stem cells do?

Stem cells are usually introduced into the body by injecting or applying directly to the skin. This method is highly effective, has few side effects, and is not eliminated. Especially, its effects are maintained for up to 12 months. The stem cells are taken into the body to help improve the skin effectively:

  • Slow down the skin’s aging process, preventing wrinkled, sagging skin.
  • Work to whiten and brighten the skin, helping to smooth the skin, tighten pores, and reduce oily
  • Fade bruises, fill scars left by acne
  • Use to treat acne
  • Increase skin’s resistance and protect skin effectively.

Skin care routine using stem cells

For effective skin care with stem cells, proper use is the most important thing. For the use of stem cells, you should follow RON INTERNATIONAL’s guidelines below.

Step 1. Clean skin

Clean skin
Clean skin

This is the most important step in every skin care process. Cleansed facial skin helps nutrients as well as skin care products to deeply penetrate into the epidermis effectively.

Step 2. Use toner

Many women who do not have a deep understanding of skin care, often skip using toner. Note, this is not recommended. This skin care step helps balance facial skin and creates a path for stem cells to penetrate faster.

Step 3. Use stem cell products

For stem cell products, depending on the purpose and type of product to find out the most accurate use.

Use stem cell products
Use stem cell products
  • For a stem cell mask, you should leave on the skin for 15-20 minutes then rinse. Don’t wait too long because the nutrients will be sucked back up.
  • For normal skin care products, it is advised to apply stem cells evenly on the entire skin surface, leaving about 5-10 minutes for stem cells to penetrate.

Step 4. Complete the procedure using stem cell products

After performing skin care with stem cells, you should wait for stem cells to dry and penetrate into the skin, we can move to the next skin care step.

Note: In this step, stem cells are used for treatment, you should not use it at home without the expert’s advice. You can contact RON INTERNATIONAL for more detailed instructions.

Effective skin care with the stem cell product set from RON INTERNATIONAL

Currently, there are many types of cosmetics promoted using stem cell technology. However, for skin care, especially facial skin, it is necessary to find and use standard, high quality products with reputable brands.

Dr. BeFace 24k Gold Stem Cell mask- RON INTERNATIONAL
Dr. BeFace 24k Gold Stem Cell mask- RON INTERNATIONAL

RON INTERNATIONAL would like to introduce to our customers the premium skin care product set. Products are manufactured and distributed directly by RON INTERNATIONAL. All of them are extracted from natural ingredients that are benign and safe for the body. Products include:

Here are 5 products made by RON INTERNATIONAL‘s laboratory. All products have been certified for safety as well as outstanding skin care performance. We always want to bring customers the best beauty products. We offer a wide range of products for healthy skin care. These products are carefully moderated, ensuring absolute safety and efficiency.

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