7 Summer skin care steps you can not ignore

Summer skin care

Skin care in the summer is always necessary for every girl when the weather gets hot and the UV index is always at a high level. Summer is always a trying time for beauty care. Hot weather, polluted environment and hormonal changes… All these things make the skin oily and acnes start to appear.

In order to have a beautiful skin, RON INTERNATIONAL suggests 7 steps of summer skincare that every woman cannot ignore in the below article.

7 steps of summer skincare

Summer is the time when the outdoor temperature increases, the sunlight is harsh, and the sweat glands of the body also become overactive. To have a beautiful skin with no acne, you need to follow a proper summer skincare routine:

Pay attention to the prevention of ultraviolet rays

The first important thing in skin protection that not only women, but also men and children must keep in mind, is the protection of the skin from UV rays. Applying sunscreen is the best and only way to protect the skin from the sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

How to take care of the skin in summer
How to take care of the skin in summer

Sunscreen needs to be applied about 30 minutes before going out. You should choose sunscreens with an SPF of above 30 to provide the best skin protection effect. If you are regularly exposed to the sunlight, the sunscreen should be reapplied every four hours.

There is a misconception which you should not believe, that is you do not need to wear sunscreen on cloudy days. Even when it is not sunny, the UV rays are still extremely active and able to damage the skin.

In summer, UV rays are strongest between 10am and 4pm. It is necessary to limit going out during this period. You should protect your body from sunlight by wearing a hat, sunglasses, face mask, and sunscreen when going out.

Choose the suitable cleanser and shower gel

Cleanser and shower gel are especially important in summer skincare. Hot weather, high humidity make the skin oily and acne is likely to form. Therefore, in summer, experts suggest using cleansers and shower gels with the ingredients that are able to treat excess oil.

Choose the right cleanser for the skin
Choose the right cleanser for the skin

Especially, to take care of oily skin in summer, you should choose products that contain such ingredients as salicylic acid. Cleansing your face twice a day, morning and night, is adequate. And do not forget to remove makeup regularly before going to bed to clear and unclog your skin.

Choose oil-free makeup products

In summer, the skin usually produces a lot of excess oil. Therefore, dermatologists advise us to wear less makeup. If needed, the oil-free moisturizers, primers and foundations should be chosen.

If you have prone-acne skin, even if it is oily skin or dry skin, you should stay away from the oil-based makeup products. In addition, remember to look for the products with SPF for added protection to the skin.

Exfoliate and moisturize

The best summer skincare tip is to make sure your skin is always clean and well moisturized. Exfoliation is a step that helps the skin remove all dirt, impurities and unclog pores. Moisturizers and masks will provide a full range of nutrients to help the skin restore and revitalize. These products also make the skin healthy, fresh and glow.

The exfoliation product from RON INTERNATIONAL
The exfoliation product from RON INTERNATIONAL

Besides using expensive masks, you can also use simple masks made from natural ingredients, for example cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, eggs and milk… These are effective ingredients, and they also do not cause skin irritation at all.

Prevent acne

This is an important step for all skin types in summer, especially for damaged, acne-prone skin. Summer is the ideal condition for acnes to develop on the skin. You should remember not to touch the acne areas, or self-squeeze the pimples. For men, be careful when shaving!

Summer skin care

If you try to squeeze the pimples, or touch the area of the pimples, the skin will get infected, causing more problems that are difficult to treat. In addition, you should remember not to use such acne treatment medications without prescription from the dermatologist. In particular, for acne skin, it is necessary to select the right face mask.

Drink enough water and build a healthy diet

Staying hydrated is the best way to keep the skin healthy and smooth. In summer, you should drink about 2 liters of water per day. This is a good tip to take care of the skin in summer for those who own the dry skin.

In addition, make sure that you eat enough water-rich fruits and vegetables. In the daily diet, foods that are high in antioxidants are the great choice. Limit eating fried and hot spicy foods. These can adversely affect the skin.

Summer skin care
Summer skin care

Exercise regularly

Summer skincare will not work if you skip the daily exercises. You can choose simple sports such as yoga, badminton, running, swimming… Simple exercises will help stimulate the blood circulation in the skin. This is also the best method to take care of the body.

However, you should avoid exercising outdoors during harsh sunlight hours. This will be very harmful to your skin.

RON’s perfect set of 3 skincare products for summer skincare

To help women have the best summer skincare routine, and protect the skin from damaging impacts, RON INTERNATIONAL presents the best skin cleansing and moisturizing trio set.

Summer skin care  1

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RON INTERNATIONAL‘s skincare products are must-have products for every woman in summer. Wish you always have healthy and vibrant skin.

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