What are the benefits of derma rollers? Do derma rollers really work?

Life is developing day by day, the human need for beauty is higher and higher. Many new beauty technologies are born, one of them is the modern needle rolling method. So, what is the derma rolling method? How do derma rollers work in the beauty field?

All will be answered by RON INTERNATIONAL in the article below.

What is a derma roller?

Derma rolling method
Derma rolling method

The derma roller is also called Micro-Needling Treatment. It is a method of fake damage on the skin, which stimulates the new collagen production; removes dead cells, old cells to produce new types of cells. This is a beauty method that uses micro needles with the size from 0.5-2.5mm to create fake wounds.

Micro-wounds are called fake lesions in the skin that deceive skin cells by sending out signals for the nervous system to recognize. The process of wound healing in the derma roller area will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, making the skin stronger and thicker.

Do derma rollers really work?

Derma roller promotes collagen production
Derma roller promotes collagen production

This method combines with products that care, regenerate and repair the skin by deeply penetrating into the skin at the damaged areas. Derma rollers are applied to treat and repair skin blemishes in the facial care routine. The derma roller’s outstanding effects include:

Treat pitting scars

Derma roller remedy for pitting scars is a method of using small needles to directly impact the scarred areas. It causes fake lesions, stimulates the skin’s self-healing process. At the same time, it stimulates collagen and elastin production, which helps to effectively fill up scars.

Fake wounds become a good pathway in the skin for substances such as skin rolling stem cells to treat pitting scars or serum to quickly penetrate the skin. At the same time, this method is effective in its ability to repair skin, significantly improving skin problems, such as: blemishes caused by acne, uneven skin tone and aging.

Treat pitting scars
Treat pitting scars

Treat acnes

Derma roller is greatly effective in creating fake lesions to remove old cells, dead cells, and makes the acne treatment easier. Using the derma rolling treatment for the acne-prone skin will make nutrients to penetrate into skin easier and faster than normal.

You will see the effect for the first time you use it. This method will stimulate the acne under the skin to rise, hidden acne and blackheads are removed quickly. The types of pustules, inflammatory acne need basic treatment then use the derma rolling method to treat acne. The acne treatment by derma rolling will help skin look beautiful from the inside out with a long lasting effect.

Treat melasma

Derma roller - the beauty method for women
Derma roller – the beauty method for women

Melasma is often difficult to treat, as it is formed and develops in the mesoderm. Derma roller will have a deep impact in each melasma root to break down and eliminate the black melanin pigments from the body. At the same time, it improves the skin’s ability in creating collagen, effectively clearing melasma, then the skin becomes more even colored.

Derma rollers for melasma do not leave scars or cause damage to the skin. They stimulate self-collagen and elastin production continuously to repair the skin from deep inside. Using small, thin needles with the right length, derma rollers have the right impact in the treated skin. You will quickly say goodbye to a melasma skin.

Treat bruises

A microscopic needle tip, only 0.5-2.5mm will produce microscopic lesions that will deceive cells with fake wounds. This method improves the ability in producing collagen and elastin for healthier skin. After derma rolling, the nutrients will penetrate deeply into the skin, help fade wrinkles and effectively treat bruises.

benefits of derma roller 1

Applying this method, the self-healing process is continuous and fast. Skin can remove dark, dull cells to return the original bright skin color. In addition to bruise treatment effects, derma roller also works to tighten pores, bringing smooth and youthful skin. With high therapeutic effect, the skin will be repaired, erasing bruises quickly and safely.

Using stem cell products in the derma rolling method

Today, many beauty salons, beauty addresses often use the derma rolling stem cell method. That is, using stem cell products combined with the derma rolling process. This will help stem cell products penetrate faster into each skin cell.

Stem cell product for acne from RON INTERNATIONAL
Stem cell product for acne from RON INTERNATIONAL

Stem cells are products extracted from healthy cells, able to regenerate quite well. It can be said that stem cell derma roller brings together outstanding advantages over other beauty methods, bringing quick and immediate results.

The RON INTERNATIONAL’s skin whitening and acne treatment stem cell series

With the outstanding advantages of this beauty method, RON INTERNATIONAL has launched series of stem cell products for acne special treatment, bruise reduction and effective skin whitening, including:

Dr Face – Ampoule AC Clear 7

In addition, we also offer the use of stem cell products in the derma rolling process at spas and beauty salons. With clear therapy, done quickly, your skin will be repaired and regained its inherent radiance.

Above, RON INTERNATIONAL has helped you understand more about the derma-rolling method, the effect of derma roller in the beauty of women. If you are in need of this treatment, do it now to help the skin become smooth, clear the skin’s problems.

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