How to effectively get rid of wrinkles on the face and maintain beauty

rid of wrinkles

Wrinkles are the worst enemy of women of all ages. The development of wrinkles will affect the youthfulness and confidence of women. Therefore, how to get rid of wrinkles has always been the concerning topic for many people, especially women. In this article, RON INTERNATIONAL would like to share with you the simple and effective tips of how to remove facial wrinkles at home.

What are wrinkles?

Before searching for the treatments of wrinkles on the face, we need to know that wrinkles appear when the skin shows the signs of aging. The elastic functions, together with the blood circulation, the lymphatic system are in decline, leading to gradual loss of the overall structure of the skin. When the skin gets aging, the collagen production will significantly decrease. The dermis layer structure becomes weakened, making the tissue layers collapse and be destroyed, and wrinkles are formed as the result. The appearance of wrinkles will make the skin sag and appear much less plump.

Wrinkles appear on the skin surface
Wrinkles appear on the skin surface

Currently there are 2 popular types of wrinkles:

  • Dynamic wrinkles: appear when you express your emotions on your face. They are formed from repeated movement of facial muscles. Typically, they are eye wrinkles when you smile, the frown lines when you frown, or wrinkles around the corners of the mouth.
  • Static wrinkles: these wrinkles are permanently visible on your face, whether you show your emotions or not. These wrinkles are formed mainly by lifestyle habits. Besides, it is also caused by the aging process and the impact from the external environment.

Causes of wrinkles

Normally, wrinkles begin to occur when women reach their thirties. These signs become worse as the woman gets older. However, due to the impact of many factors, both internal and external, the wrinkles from the aging process can appear at the age of 20 onwards.

Internal causes

Our skin is made up of three layers. The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin. The layer is made of dead cells and helps protect the skin from external damaging elements. The next layer is the dermis layer. It is rich in collagen and elastin that are responsible for the firmness, and elasticity of the skin. Finally is the hypodermis, which is called the lowermost layer of the skin. This layer works to bring the fresh and youthful look to the skin.

The unhealthy everyday lifestyle will lead to rapid aging process
The unhealthy everyday lifestyle will lead to rapid aging process

Over time, the wrinkles start to form on both the epidermis and dermis layers. As you age, the skin cells would take longer to recover. As the result, the epidermis layer becomes thinner, causing the appearance of wrinkles. If the wrinkles are not promptly addressed by removal treatments, your skin will be seriously damaged.

The collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis layer are unable to support the skin, so the skin cannot recover quickly after being stretched. The amount of fat cells in the dermis layer gradually decreases, resulting in the sagging and less radiant skin.

When you reach the age of 25, the production of collagen in the skin will decrease. Loss of collagen causes the skin to lose elasticity, be dehydrated, and lack fat. These are also the reasons why the skin starts to have wrinkles.

External causes

Besides the internal factors, external causes also contribute to the development of wrinkles on the skin, for example, the impact of environmental factors, lifestyle habits, daily facial skin care habits,…

Another cause that stimulates the aging process of your skin is the use of stimulants. Among those, the most common ones are coffee, alcohol, beer, cigarettes,… Stimulants affect the blood circulation for the skin, contributing to the appearance of facial wrinkles, especially eye wrinkles.

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Staying up late, unhealthy lifestyle causes the body’s hormone changes. The improper lifestyle habits also result in a premature aging process, leading to the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet. Such habits as frowning eyes, mouth or eyebrows will also cause wrinkles.

Dehydration is also the causing factor of wrinkles on the skin. When the skin is dehydrated, it will lose the elasticity and firmness, leading to dryness and pigmentation.

As you may not know, regular use of straws may lead to wrinkles in the corners of the mouth. Using the force of suction water through the straw continuously will affect the muscles around the mouth, forming deep lines around the lips. As a result, these lead to a rapid aging process.

Simple and effective methods to get rid of wrinkles on the face

Effective methods to get rid of wrinkles on the face
Effective methods to get rid of wrinkles on the face

The appearance of wrinkles will make you look much older. There are many ways to remove wrinkles, anyway, the most important target is to make sure to replenish the necessary amount of collagen for the skin. At the same time, it is necessary to restore and reassemble the elastic fibers in order to stimulate the skin cell regeneration and elasticity improvement.

In order to own the healthy and wrinkle-free skin, you need to take care of the skin from the inside out. Here are some simple and effective ways to eliminate wrinkles:

Drink enough water

Aging skin usually occurs in dry, flaky, itchy, and cracked skin. If you have dull and rough skin, that means your skin is aging faster than you age. Therefore, you should drink a minimum amount of 2 liters of water a day. This will make your skin smooth and vibrant. Maintaining a daily habit of drinking water is an effective way to get rid of wrinkles on the skin.

Young woman drinking purified water

Face massage

Facial massage is one of the easy-to-do treatments to help anti-aging and improve the skin’s elasticity. The eye area, the forehead, the corners of the mouth,… are the places where sagging and wrinkles are most likely to develop. Performing suitable massage movements for each area will effectively prevent the formation of wrinkles and maintain the youthful look.

Quickly removing wrinkles with cosmetics

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Among the current effective treatments to remove wrinkles on the face, the use of supporting cosmetics has been chosen by many women. Adding nutrients by cosmetics will boost the rapid recovery process of the skin cells.

Currently, there are many types of skin tightening products. Among which, stem cells are one of the modern methods that are receiving a lot of attention from women. Safe, non-irritating, with effect to quickly eliminate up to 90% of wrinkles are the noticeable advantages of this product line.

RON INTERNATIONAL‘s wrinkles removal set and treatments

Understanding the needs of women in beauty care, RON INTERNATIONAL has researched and launched the skin recovery product Enju Ampoule Peptite BFS 12. With advanced technology, RON‘s stem cell extraction method is safe for the user and causes no side effects at all.

Enju Ampoule Peptite bfs 12 1
Enju Ampoule Peptite BFS 12 product from RON INTERNATIONAL

For best result in the process of removing wrinkles, it is necessary to combine the stem cell product with the following skincare products:

Your skin will become smooth and radiant after a short time. Do feel the great improvement after just one treatment course!

Above are the instructions on how to effectively remove wrinkles on the face at home. Hopefully with the knowledge shared by RON INTERNATIONAL, you will be able to prevent the aging process as well as the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.

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